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Hump Day Inspirations

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“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.” – Marilyn Monroe

Big Girl Tip: Parking Tickets

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I awoke this morning to feel happy that summer is literally around the corner! That is, until I walked outside to my car to find a lovely orange parking ticket wedged between my windshield wipers.

Did you know that parking tickets, if left unpaid, can directly affect your credit card score?

Big Girl Tip: Parking Tickets

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Big Girl Tip: Parking Tickets

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Why? Most municipalities around the country have contracted with collection agencies to make sure people pay up. Once your bill is turned over to one of these organizations, credit-reporting agencies may be alerted and depending on your FICO score, you could be docked up to 100 to 125 points!

Anthony Sprauve, a spokesperson for FICO, the credit-scoring agency, says that “your score will fall regardless of how small the fine is.”

As always, it is better to be safe than sorry so make sure you follow these small steps when you receive a ticket!

1) Make sure the ticket corresponds to your car and rightly so, to you.

2) Read the ticket carefully. It is natural to want to whip the ticket from your car, throw it to the ground before stomping off and really paying attention to the excat reasons you are being ticketed.

3) Take note of your surroundings. Are there other cars with tickets? Go one step further and take pictures for digital proof of the posted signs.

4) Keep track of the passing days. Most ticket bureaus welcome a letter to contest the ticket but be sure to do it within the allotted time (usually 21 days) or even if you were the perfect parker, you may not have a case.

5) After making the payment, set a reminder to double-check that the payment went through and was properly applied. My sister recently had to settle a debt with a collector over a ticket that she swears was paid on time.

6) Know that if you receive a parking ticket on private land, the driver, not the owner, is liable. If you are the owner of a car in which someone else has received a private parking ticket, you are not liable, and you have absolutely zero obligation to tell the parking company who was driving.

7) Ticketing in a rental car. You may think that since you are renting the car, the ticket doesn’t count. It’s bes tot pay these on time, even if you’ve returned the car, or you may be getting a call from Enterprise!


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Big Girl Drink Station

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Hey, you guys. Happy hour is from four to six.

Part of becoming a grown up and thus, a Big Girl, is knowing when to embrace the change and when to move on to more adult things.

Big Girl Drink

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Big Girl Drinks

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Take the Solo Cup. They are a kitchen staple of college kids and “young professionals” all over America. You may still even have some. I know I do. They are great for the roof deck (won’t break when it accidentally flies over the edge, oops!) and great for guests that are super clumsy.

What you may not know, is that the red Solo Cup, may still be handy for the Big Girl. Yes. You know the lines on the sides of the cups? You may have unknowingly used them as filling lines so your beer pong tournaments were are fair as possible. But, they serve a purpose. They are actually measure appropriate quantities of alcohol, from hard liquor, to Skinny Girl wine, to cold refreshing beer. (Yeah, I have no idea why I didn’t know this either.)

Either way, this means that they still serve a purpose, even if that purpose is only to measure the ingredients of a drink before you transfer it into a slightly more adult cup!


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